About Us

The Musicology Review is a peer-reviewed publication dedicated to disseminating the work and ideas of undergraduate and postgraduate students from University College Dublin and other centres of learning across the world. Edited and managed by graduate students in the School of Music, UCD, the Review is dedicated to scholarly works by fellow graduate students and emerging scholars from throughout the world. As part of our commitment to emerging scholars, we also encourage shorter submissions from final year undergraduate students.

It is in the spirit of such engagement that we begin work on the next edition of The Musicology Review. We will be striving towards a publication that is diverse in scope yet intellectually rigorous and thought provoking and welcome articles from undergraduate and postgraduate students studying all aspects of music. Previous editions have featured articles pertaining to the history, philosophy, analysis, theory, sociology, performance, and composition of western and non-western musics.

Issue 9 of The Musicology Review will be published in 2016.

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