Music Studio Equipment

You can easily record great music right from the comfort of your own home without having a big high tech studio.  In fact most music studios today are made up of very little music studio equipment all you need is a high performance computer, usually a Mac, speakers, an audio interface, microphone and a software application that brings everything together.  Technology has made it easier than ever to record your own music.

Digital Audio Workstation

Home studios won’t have a full sized soundboard and mixing console, whereas a commercial recording studio will.  You can get away with a decent laptop with studio recording software.  Your software  can take your raw  sounds and make them into something incredible.  It can be perfectly listenable and radio ready fairly easily.  Recording software takes the sound that you make and turn it into day which you can then put into your software and turn it into something else.


If you want a fairly decent recording then you are going to need a good microphone.  That is how the sound gets from you into the computer and you want it to be as pure as possible.  The microphone will work as either a condenser or a dynamic microphone but you need a quality microphone regardless.  Once you have transferred the sound to your laptop that is where the magic happens.  It is at the laptop where you can alter the beat, fix the reverb or make your music louder.  You can use the microphone to record vocals or sound, you can record yourself playing guitar or any other instrument.

Audio Interface

It is preferable to use an audio interface in order to process and handle the sound that you record via the microphone.  You can plug the microphone directly into the computer in order to record the sound but you are far better off with using an audio interface.  It is a high quality sound card that allows you to record music in real time and it will also limit the possibility of any time delays.


If you want to get a visual of the crisp and clear sound that you have recorded then you are going to need a decent monitor.  Most music today is recorded using Mac, whether you are a fan of Mac or PC you can’t deny that they have some incredible monitors to get work done.

Technology has changed the way we listen to and record music, the ability to record music is available to anyone with the right computer equipment.  Getting to be a rockstar, is still a difficult task.

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